About Cassandra Harper

Cassandra Harper is a sustainable luxury brand renowned for its unique and much-loved artisanal textiles. All Cassandra Harper textiles are crafted by hand using traditional weaving, dyeing and hand block printing techniques, that have been passed down through generations.  

Having lived in Cambodia and Thailand for 22 years, Cassandra has a passion for textiles and an intrinsic and deep relationship with the heritage and culture of the artisans she works with. She now divides her time between her home base of Brisbane, Australia, and her favourite cities of Phnom Penh, Jaipur and Delhi. The endless traveller, creating her own stories in textiles that are painstakingly created by hand, hour upon hour, day upon day, until they reach their unique perfection.
Using only natural fabrics and a need for sustainable production, talented artisans across India and Cambodia make to order, thereby minimising waste and keeping a light environmental footprint. Designer, Cassandra Harper, works directly with every weaver, colour master and block printer to create ethical, hand worked, individually crafted textiles that feel as beautiful as they look. 
Cassandra Harper Textiles are authentically beautiful, contemporary and forever timeless. Each piece of fabric carries its own individual story of creation.


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